Witchcraft Kit X-Large Herbalist Kit Witchcraft Herbs Witch Crystals 94 Supplies Wicca

Witchcraft Kit X-Large Herbalist Kit Witchcraft Herbs Witch Crystals 94 Supplies Wicca

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Deluxe High-quality massive Witchcraft Kit loaded with Witch herbs, witch crystals , witchcraft supplies and witch kit tools for spell casting, ritual making and Wiccan Witch practices. This apothecary herbalism kit contains a total of 40 witchcraft herbs and a set of essential oils. It includes 94 items, such as: a sage smudging bundle, a resin incense kit, a Witch crystal sets for witchcraft.

An orgonite/orgone pendulum and a pendulum’s board (printed on cardboard) for divination and readings, and much more is included in this witchcraft kit.

All items are hand packed with care in USA.

Your Witch Kit includes:
- 40 witchcraft Herbs. 10ml glass bottles
- 7 Resin 10 gm. each: White Copal, Frankincense, Ethiopian Frankincense, Myrrh, Benzoin of Sumatra, Celtic Blend and 7-Archangels Blend.
- California White Sage
- Sage Smudge, style varies
- Palo Santo (3”-4”)
- Abalone Shell (5”-5.5”)
- Tripod Stand for abalone shell
- Amethyst Crystal (3”)
- Clear Quartz Point (1.5”)
- Rose Quartz (1.5”-2”)
- Set of 4 tumbled crystal (Amethyst, Quartz, Rose Quartz, Obsidian)
- Selenite Wand Stick or Athame (6”-7” approx.), depending on availability
- Selenite Sphere (50mm.)
- One (1) Obsidian Rock (2” approx.)
- Ten (10) Chime/Spell Candles or various colors
- Chalice Carved (3.25”)
- Altar Tile
- Cauldron (iron)
- Brass Candle Holder (3”)
- Triquetra wind chime/ wall decor made of Iron (10”)
- Essential Oils Set of 6: Lavender, Frankincense, Sandalwood, Amber, Opium and Citronella.
- Charcoal Tablets (10)
- Steel Tongs
- Black Sand (1lb)
- Two (2) aged paper to add to your book of shadows/Grimoire; and to write spells
- Tarot Card. I will intuitively choose it.
- Altar Cloth, pentagram (36” x 36”
- Incense sticks from India
- Orgonite Pendulum (1.5” approx.)
- Pendulum Board (card stock printed)
- Wooden Box

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