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Imakokuu lagenlook art to wear Tunic 1X 2X 3X Blue Artsy made of repurpose cloth

Regular price $115.00 Sale to wear...artsy artful designer...Blue color...tie dye, distressed...areas of subtle drawing pattern...Made of 100% Linen cloth, made of upcycled cloth to reuse 4 the planet...see measurements, lying flat, not stretched:

waist: 36"
underarm: 31"
at hem: 39"
length: 24", longer part 31"

About the brand:
"Imakokuu is an artist's brand that brings new life to recycled cloth, she uses hand dying and hand painting to create beautiful pieces of art to wear. Lagenlook, oversized and simple lines complement the distressed and decadent pattern of her paintings, which are unique and can't be replicated, when you buy one her pieces you are getting a unique piece. In the words of the artist, "...this is a reflection of her inner self: an emotional creature, unique and imperfect"